The company that doubles money in 6 months is now giving bonus shares, do you have it in your portfolio?

In 11 months this multibagger stock made 1 lakh to 91 lakhs, share price reached from 102 to 7625


new Delhi. In the year 2021, there are many such stocks which have given great returns to their shareholders. This year also many stocks are giving bumper returns since the beginning. One share has made investors rich only in the last 11 months. These are shares of EKI Energy Services. The shares of the company have given returns of more than 7375 percent to the people in 10 months.

EKI Energy Services came out with its IPO last year. The company had allotted shares to the investors at a price of Rs 102. EKI Energy Services is a developer and supplier of carbon credits.

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Gave a bumper return of 7375 percent

EKI Energy share price today stands at Rs 7,625.20, which is almost 7375 per cent higher than its upper price band of Rs 102 per equity share. In the past one month, this multibagger stock has been under selling pressure and has lost nearly 16 per cent in this period.

so much speed in 6 months

In the last 6 months this BSE SME stock has increased from Rs 1900 to Rs 7625 level, registering a growth of almost 300 percent at this time. Year-on-Year (YTD) the price of this multibagger share has come down by about 26 per cent, but in the last 11 months its price has increased from Rs 140 (its listing price) to Rs 7625 level, post listing There has been an increase of 4450 per cent from Rs.

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If we compare it with its issue price, then the IPO was offered at Rs 100 to 102 per share. This means, it has increased from Rs 102 to Rs 7625 level, giving its investors about 7375 percent return.

1 lakh became 91 lakh rupees

If an investor had invested Rs 1.22 lakh in this multibagger IPO during the post listing period, his investment would have become Rs 91.50 lakh today. The current market capitalization of EKI Energy Services shares is ₹5,241 Crore. Its trade volume is 24,150, which is more than 20 times its 20 day average volume.

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