Today the 5th biggest fall in Sensex history, know about the rest of the declines too

In the midst of huge volatility in the market, which factors will affect the market, understand from the experts


new Delhi . The movement of the stock market this week will depend on the results of the Russia-Ukraine war, global stock market trends, oil prices and assembly elections. Apart from this, investors will also keep an eye on inflation data in China and the US, analysts said.

Santosh Meena, Head of Research, Swastika Investmart Limited said, “Geopolitical uncertainty still persists. Apart from this, the results of the assembly elections on March 10 at the domestic level are also important. Apart from this, inflation data in America will be announced on March 10, which will also be monitored by global markets.

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Crude oil prices big crisis
He said that commodity prices are rising. Crude oil prices in particular, which are close to USD 120 per barrel, are a major concern for the Indian market. Therefore, the market will keep an eye on the prices of crude oil.

Results of assembly elections of five states on March 10
Ajit Mishra, Vice President (Research), Religare Broking said, “This week, the focus will be on the Russia-Ukraine crisis and its impact on crude. Apart from this, on the domestic front, the participants will keep an eye on the results of the assembly elections of five states on March 10.

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IIP data as on March 11
Apart from this, IIP figures are also to come on March 11, he said. Last week, due to high oil prices and heavy selling by foreign investors, there was a decline in the domestic markets. The Sensex lost 1,524.71 points or 2.72 per cent last week, while the Nifty fell 413.05 points or 2.47 per cent.

Yesha Shah, Head of Equity Research, Samco Securities, said the market direction will be heavily influenced by geopolitical tensions. Commodities and crude oil prices have skyrocketed during the war, and inflation data could become a key indicator of the US Federal Reserve’s next course of action.

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