India did not listen to American ‘advice’, India will buy double coking coal from Russia


new Delhi. India will continue its business relations with Russia despite the economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the US and Western countries after Russia invaded Ukraine. Now India has announced to double the import of coking coal from Russia. Union Steel Minister Ramchandra Prasad Singh gave this information in a press conference on Sunday.

The Steel Minister said that India is “moving towards importing coking coal from Russia”. He said that India is planning to double the import of coking coal from Russia. According to the news agency Reuters, the Union Minister told that India has imported 4.5 million tonnes of coal from Russia. However, the Steel Minister did not give information about when this import was done. Coking coal is used in steel manufacturing and power plants to generate electricity.

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The continuation of India’s import of coal from Russia is important because Western countries and America are continuously imposing sanctions on Russia. America has also advised India not to have business relations with Russia in gestures and gestures. But, it is clear from India’s stand that he will not leave the business of his old friend in this difficult time.

Russia has already offered India to supply crude oil at a discounted rate. India is a major importer of Russia’s commodities and weapons. Russia is generally the sixth largest supplier of coking and thermal coal to India. Due to sanctions, Russia may start offering more competitive prices to Indian and Chinese buyers.

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A few days ago, Reuters had quoted consultancy Colmint in a report that about 8,70,000 tonnes of Russian coal would be delivered to Indian shores by March 20. This is the highest since April 2020. Aditi Tiwari, head of coal markets at Colmint, told Reuters that the number would be higher if more coal was loaded into Russian ports from February 15 onwards. This is because it takes almost a month for Russian ships to reach India.

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