Indian investors 'scorched' by Russia's attack, have suffered more losses than Ukraine's GDP so far

Indian investors ‘scorched’ by Russia’s attack, have suffered more losses than Ukraine’s GDP so far


new Delhi. Russian attacks on Europe’s largest nuclear plant in Ukraine on Friday dealt a blow to investors of 5 lakh crore rupees ($ 66 billion). On February 15, Russia announced a major military operation, partially withdrawing its army from Ukraine, and since then investors in the Indian stock market have suffered a loss of 15 lakh crore rupees ($ 197 billion). This loss exceeds Ukraine’s 2021 GDP of $181.03 billion.

The data shows that the market capitalization of BSE fell to around Rs 246 lakh crore on Friday as compared to Rs 251 lakh crore in the previous session. This is a decline of Rs 5 lakh crore at today’s exchange rate of 76 per dollar.

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Hardly anyone in the market would have thought about the events after February 15. Since then, the Sensex has lost nearly 4,000 points and investors have lost $197 billion. Comparing the loss in Dalal Street, it is more than Ukraine’s GDP for 2021. Ukraine’s 2021 GDP as estimated by the IMF was $181.03 billion.

oil price fire
On 21 February, Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the two eastern Ukrainian regions of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent states and ordered Russian troops to act as “peacekeepers”. Gave. On 23 February, Ukraine declared a nationwide state of emergency, and by the next day, Russia had completely imposed war on Ukraine. Sanctions against Russia continued to mount and oil prices soared.

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Local firefighters extinguished the fire on the assurance of Russia
On Friday, reports emerged that Russian attacks on Europe’s largest nuclear reactor in Ukraine caught fire, although it later emerged that the fire was outside the reactor’s perimeter and local firefighters were allowed to control the fire. . They were assured by Russia that they would not be fired.

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