Indian Railway- Fast food will be available in moving trains during Navratri, in this way you will be able to order fasting plate


new Delhi. People observing fast during Navratri will not face any problem of eating and drinking while traveling in trains. Indian Railways will take full care of the people fasting during the journey. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has decided to provide Navratri special food to the people during the journey. People will be able to get their favorite food ordered on the seat.

According to IRCTC, fasting food will be given to the passengers during the journey in Navratri starting from April 2. Passengers will be able to get their favorite food from e-catering or by booking it on 1323 seat as per their convenience. This food will be pure and sattvik without garlic and onion. Rock salt will be used in cooking.

Four different types of thalis will be available keeping in mind the preferences of the people. Its price is likely to be between Rs 125 to Rs 200. IRCTC will finalize its rates today. This facility will be available in about 500 trains in which IRCTC is providing catering facility. The fast food will be available only in trains and will not be available in IRCTC stalls at stations.

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This would be the possible menu

Buckwheat pakoras and puri vegetables, sago khichdi, lassi, fresh juice (no salt, sugar in it), fruits, tea, rabri, dry foods kheer.

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