Indian Railway News- Railway's big decision, now blankets, pillows and sheets will be available in trains

Indian Railway News- Railway’s big decision, now blankets, pillows and sheets will be available in trains


new Delhi. As soon as the effect of Corona subsides, the Railway Ministry has taken a big decision. Now there will be no need to carry blankets, pillows and sheets while traveling in trains. Like before Corona (Pandemic), now railways will provide all these things in trains. The Railway Ministry has implemented this decision with immediate effect. That is, from tomorrow all the facilities will be available in trains as before.

According to the order issued by the Ministry of Railways on 10 March, it has been decided to remove the restrictions imposed with the beginning of the first phase of Corona with immediate effect. Now any kind of Kovid protocol will not be applicable in trains during the journey. Blankets, pillows and sheets will all be provided in trains. Along with this, curtains in trains will also be installed like before Corona. According to the officials of the Ministry of Railways, this order will be implemented with immediate effect. Since today all the trains will be on the way, so this system will be implemented completely from tomorrow.

This system was started in the past

During the journey, arrangements were made to provide Rs 300 kit to the people. In this kit non woven blanket, non woven bedsheet, non woven pillow, pillow cover, disposable bag, toothpaste, toothbrush, hair oil, comb, sanitizer sachet, peppersop and tissue paper were being given to the passengers. This system was started in some capitals.

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