Indian Railways abolished fare concessions for the elderly? How true is this claim, know


new Delhi : There is bad news for senior citizens who want to travel cheap in Indian Railways. There is currently no intention of the Railways to start discounting the fares given to them before the Corona period. Railway Minister Ashwani Vaishnav said that in view of the reduced earnings of the Railways, the restriction on exemption given to the elderly will not be lifted yet. At the same time, the Railways has also clarified that this exemption has been postponed for the time being, not stopped completely. According to the Railways, there is no truth in the posts on social media claiming that the exemption given to the elderly has completely ended.

It is worth noting that before the start of the corona epidemic, 50 percent discount was given to women and 40 percent to men by the Railways. For the exemption in train fare, the age of women was 58 years and the age of men was 60 years. On 16 March, Railway Minister Ashwani Vaishnav had told in Parliament that about Rs 1,600 crore is spent annually on giving train fare concession for senior citizens. Railways spends around Rs 2,000 crore on giving concessions to all classes. He had made it clear that at present, the restriction on exemption in rent to the elderly will not be removed.

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Ban removed from three categories

The Railway Minister has not told how long this ban will continue. Indian Railways gives concession in rail fare to many other categories of passengers including senior citizens. At present, the railways has lifted the ban on concession in fare for three categories of passengers. These include four types of Divyangjan, patients suffering from 11 types of diseases and students.

burden on railways from concession

The lockdown caused by Corona and after that the movement of trains was affected. During the financial year 2020-21, there has been a huge decline in the earnings of the railways from the passenger fare as compared to the financial year 2019-20. In such a situation, the restriction on concession in fare to some other categories of passengers including senior citizens will continue.

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The tweet is wrong, there is a ban, the concession has not ended

Significantly, in a tweet, it was claimed that all citizens traveling in the railways will be normal. The Ministry of Railways has decided to completely discontinue the concession of up to 50% in fare to senior citizens. But the executive director (information and publicity) in the Railway Board, G.K. Bansal told NBT that no such final decision has been taken so far. So this tweet is not factually correct.

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