Indian Railways: Trains will talk to air on Howrah and Mumbai routes, preparing to run trains at this speed

Indian Railways: Good news, more berths will be available in these 5 pairs of trains of MP-Jammu, West Bengal, check full schedule immediately


new Delhi. In order to control the extra rush of trains on Holi festival, where the railways Holi Special Trains (Holi Special Trains) is being operated. On the other hand, in order to increase the availability of berths in the existing trains, continuous work is being done to add additional coaches.

In this direction, now the North Western Railway has decided to add temporary coaches in 5 pairs of trains running under its control. All these trains operate between particular cities of the state of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu, West Bengal. With the addition of temporary coaches in these trains, people will get easy and comfortable facility of movement.

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According to the NWR spokesperson, for the convenience of the passengers, Jammu Tawi-Jaisalmer-Jammu, Jammu Tawi-Barmer-Jammu, Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Jaipur-Delhi Sarai Rohilla, Udaipur City-Shalimar-Udaipur City and Udaipur City-Khajuraho-Udaipur in ordinary and second trains. There is a temporary increase in the number of sleeper coaches which is as follows:-

1. Temporary increase of 01 second sleeper class coach in train number 14646/14645, Jammu Tawi – Jaisalmer – Jammu Tawi from Jammu Tawi from 14.03.22 to 19.03.22 and from Jaisalmer from 16.03.22 to 21.03.22 .

2. Temporary increase of 01 second sleeper class coach in train number 14662/14661, Jammu Tawi – Barmer – Jammu Tawi from Jammu Tawi from 13.03.22 to 20.03.22 and from Barmer from 15.03.22 to 22.03.22. .

3. Temporary increase of 01 second sleeper class coach is being done in train number 14021/14022, Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Jaipur-Delhi Sarai Rohilla train from Delhi Sarai Rohilla on 12.03.22 and from Jaipur on 13.03.22.

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5. Temporary increase of 01 second sleeper class coach in train number 19666/19665, Udaipur City-Khajuraho-Udaipur City from Udaipur City from 13.03.22 to 18.03.22 and from Khajuraho from 15.03.22 to 20.03.22 .

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