Indian Railways: These Holi special trains will run for those going to UP-Bihar and Gujarat, book tickets immediately

Indian Railways Holi Special Trains: Passengers going home on Holi should make reservations in these trains immediately, will get confirmed tickets, see full list


new Delhi. In view of the convenience of the passengers on behalf of the Indian Railways, a large number of people celebrate the upcoming Holi festival. Holi Special Trains It has been decided to conduct (Holi Special Trains). All these trains will operate for special cities of many other states including Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Hyderabad. With the operation of these trains, where people going home on Holi will get great facility of traffic. At the same time, it will also be successful in controlling the crowd in the trains.

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According to the spokesperson of North Western Railway, Barmer-Bandra Terminus-Barmer, Jaipur-Sadulpur-Jaipur, Mumbai Central-Jaipur-Borivali, Bandra Terminus-Bikaner-Borinagaravali, for the convenience of railway passengers during the upcoming Holi festival. Varanasi-Sriganganagar, Ajmer-Bandra Terminus-Ajmer, Jaipur-Hyderabad-Jaipur, Jaipur-Narwana-Jaipur and Sirsa-Ringus-Sirsa special trains are being operated. 09 pairs of Holi special trains will be operated by the Railway Administration as follows:-

1. Train No. 09037/09038, Barmer-Bandra Terminus-Barmer Special train service will operate from Bandra Terminus on 18.03.22 and 25.03.22 and from Barmer on 19.03.22 and 26.03.22.

2. Train No. 09705/09706, Jaipur-Sadulpur-Jaipur Special Rail service from Jaipur from 01.03.22 to 31.05.22 (every Tue, Guru, Fri, Sat, Sun) and from Sadulpur from 02.03.22 to 01.06.22 (Every Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun) will operate.

3. Train No. 09039/09040, Mumbai Central-Jaipur-Borivali special train service will operate from Mumbai Central on 16.03.22 and from Jaipur on 17.03.22.

4. Train No. 04530/04529, Shri Ganganagar-Varanasi-Sriganganagar Special Rail service from Shri Ganganagar from 13.03.22 to 20.03.22 (Every Sun, Wed) and from Varanasi from 14.03.22 to 21.03.22 (Every Mon, Thu). will operate.

5. Train No. 09035/09036, Bandra Terminus-Bikaner-Borivali Special will operate from Bandra Terminus on 16.03.22 and from Bikaner on 17.03.22.

6. Train No. 09621/09622, Bandra Terminus-Ajmer-Bandra Terminus Special train service will operate from Bandra Terminus on 20.03.22 & 27.03.22 and from Ajmer on 21.03.22 & 28.03.22.

7. Train number 07115/07116, Hyderabad-Jaipur-Hyderabad special train service will operate from Hyderabad on 18.03.22 and 25.03.22 and from Jaipur on 20.03.22 and 27.03.22.

8. Train number 09711/09712, Jaipur-Narwana-Jaipur special train service will operate from 14.03.22 to 20.03.22.

9. Train number 04791/04792, Sirsa-Ringus-Sirsa special train service will operate from 17.03.22 to 20.03.22.

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