Indian Railways: Railway’s big announcement for local passengers, MST will be able to travel in these 42 trains, see full list


new Delhi. For the convenience of railway passengers, railways (Indian Railways) has decided to extend the routes for Monthly Season Ticket (MST) in 42 trains. This is a big step in the direction of making the movement easier for the passengers traveling on MCT.

Let us inform that in the past, for some distance in these railway services Monthly Season Ticket (MST) The facility was provided, which has now been expanded from the originating station to the destination station. The route expansion of these trains will give a big benefit to the passenger for special cities of Haryana, Delhi, UP, Rajasthan and Punjab etc.

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According to the spokesperson of North Western Railway, these sections have been extended for Monthly Season Ticket (MST) from the following services of North Western Railway:-
1. Train No. 04701, Bhatinda-Lalgarh Special Rail Service on Bhatinda-Lalgarh Railway Section

2. Train No. 04702, in Lalgarh-Abohar special rail service on Lalgarh-Abohar section.

3. Train No. 19721, on Jaipur-Bayana railway section in Jaipur-Bayana rail service

4. Train No. 19722, Bayana-Jaipur Railway Service on Bayana-Jaipur Railway Section

5. Train No. 14893, on Jodhpur-Palanpur railway section in Jodhpur-Palanpur rail service

6. Train No. 14894, Palanpur-Jodhpur Rail Service on Palanpur-Jodhpur Railway Section

7. Train No. 14737, on Bhiwani-Tilakbridge railway section in Bhiwani-Tilakbridge rail service

8. Train No. 14738, on Tilakbridge-Bhiwani rail service on Tilakbridge-Bhiwani section

9. Train No. 04090, Hisar-Delhi Special train service on Hisar-Delhi section.

10. Train No. 04089, Delhi-Hisar Special on Delhi-Hisar Railway Section

11. Train No. 14729, Rewari-Fazilka Railway Service on Rewari-Fazilka Railway Section

12. Train No. 14730 on Fazilka-Rewari railway section in Fazilka-Rewari rail service

13. Train No. 14733, in Sriganganagar-Rewari rail service on Sriganganagar-Rewari section

14. Train No. 14734, Rewari-Sriganganagar Rail Service on Rewari-Sriganganagar Railway Section

15. Train No. 04083, Jind-Hisar Special Rail Service on Jind-Hisar Railway Section

16. Train No. 04084, Hisar-Jind Special Rail Service on Hisar-Jind Railway Section

17. Train No. 05835 in Mandsaur-Udaipur Special train service on Mandsaur-Udaipur section

18. Train No. 05836, Udaipur-Mandsaur Special on Udaipur-Mandsaur Railway Section

19. Train No. 09438, in Abu Road-Mehsana DEMU Special Rail Service on Abu Road-Mehsana Railway Section

20. Train No. 09437, Mehsana-Aburod DEMU Special Rail Service on Mehsana-Aburod Railway Section

21. Train No. 04763, on Sadulpur-Sriganganagar special train service on Sadulpur-Sriganganagar section.

22. Train No. 04764, in Shriganganagar-Sadulpur special train service on Shriganganagar-Sadulpur section.

23. Train No. 19735, Jaipur-Marwar Jn. Jaipur-Marwar Junction in rail service. on the railroad

24. Train No. 19736, on Marwar Jn.-Jaipur Rail Service on Marwar Jn.-Jaipur Railway Division.

25. Train No. 14821, on Jodhpur-Sabarmati railway section in Jodhpur-Sabarmati rail service

26. Train No. 14822, in Sabarmati-Jodhpur Rail Service on Sabarmati-Jodhpur Railway Section

27. Train No. 14823 in Jodhpur-Rewari Rail Service on Jodhpur-Rewari Railway Section

28. Train No. 14824 on Rewari-Jodhpur Railway Section in Rewari-Jodhpur Railway Service

29. Train No. 14897, in Bikaner-Hisar Rail Service on Bikaner-Hisar Railway Section

30. Train No. 14898 in Hisar-Bikaner Rail Service on Hisar-Bikaner Railway Section

31. Train No. 14891, on Jodhpur-Hisar railway section in Jodhpur-Hisar rail service.

32. Train No. 14892, Hisar-Jodhpur Rail Service on Hisar-Jodhpur Railway Section

33. Train No. 14725, Bhiwani-Mathura Jn. Bhiwani-Mathura Jn. on the railroad

34. Train No. 14726, on Mathura Jn.-Bhiwani Rail Sewa on Mathura Jn.-Bhiwani Railway Division.

35. Train No. 12468, on Jaipur-Jaisalmer Railway section in Jaipur-Jaisalmer Leelan Rail Service

36. Train No. 12467, Jaisalmer-Jaipur Leelan Rail Service on Jaisalmer-Jaipur Railway Section

37. Train No. 04435, Rewari-Meerut Special Rail Service on Rewari-Meerut Railway Division

38. Train No. 04436, Meerut-Rewari Special train service on Meerut-Rewari section.

39. Train No. 04469, Rewari-Delhi Special train service on Rewari-Delhi section

40. Train No. 04470, in Delhi-Rewari Special Rail Service on Delhi-Rewari section.

41. Train No. 04573, in Bhiwani-Hanumangarh special train service on Bhiwani-Hanumangarh railway section

42. Train No. 04574, in Ludhiana-Bhiwani Special train service on Ludhiana-Bhiwani section.

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