Indian Railways: There will be a change in the time table of trains, many trains will be stopped, some will change the route

Indian Railways: There will be a change in the time table of trains, many trains will be stopped, some will change the route


new Delhi. Indian Railways News: The cases of Kovid-19 (Covid-19) are now decreasing day by day. In view of this, now the Indian Railways has also geared up to run the train operation at full speed. Railways is now reviewing the time table and routes of trains. In this review, only after the Railways has now decided to stop some trains and change the route of some.

The Moradabad Railway Division has also indefinitely banned the operation of three trains. Significantly, Kovid-19 has had a very bad effect on the Railways. At one time, this epidemic stopped the wheels of most trains. Till now railways has not been able to run trains at full capacity.

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hence the change

According to a report by Moneycontrol, it has come to the fore in the review done by the Railways that on some routes more trains are running, while on some routes there are more passengers and less number of trains. At the same time, there are some routes where more trains were run due to Kovid, which are no longer needed. Therefore, now the Railways is preparing to stop non-essential trains.

this will change

On the routes where the number of trains are more and passengers are less, some trains will be removed from such routes and will be put on those routes where trains are running less than the number of passengers. Railways have considered that some trains go from one place to another at an interval of one hour. Amritsar – Howrah (AMRITSAR – HOWRAH Train Route) runs between Punjab Mail and duplicate Punjab Mail at an interval of one hour. Railways has considered one of these trains as non-essential trains. In such a situation, Railways has started its focus on the time table. The names of duplicate Punjab Mail, Ramnagar-Haridwar Express and Sealdah-Delhi Express running through Moradabad Railway Division were removed from the time table released in November last year.

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Similarly, the Railways is preparing to increase the number of trains on the route where there are fewer trains. There are many trains via Lucknow Hardoi Delhi. The double decker train running on this route is proposed to be run from Lucknow to Delhi via Bakshi Ka Talab, Sitapur, Roza. A time table has also been prepared for this. At present the double decker train is closed due to fog.

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