Inflation: Retail inflation is increasing continuously for 7 months, 6.01 percent in January

Inflation started rising: Wholesale inflation rose to 13.11 percent in February, crude oil and non-food items became expensive


new Delhi . The softening in food prices on the back of a rise in crude oil and non-food items prices did not benefit and the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) inflation rose to 13.11 per cent in February 2022. This information has been received from government figures on Monday.

Wholesale inflation has remained above 10 per cent for the 11th consecutive month since April 2021. The WPI was 12.96 per cent in January 2022, while it was 4.83 per cent in February last year. According to the data, inflation in food articles came down to 8.19 per cent in February 2022 from 10.33 per cent in January.

Crude oil prices started showing effect
Similarly, the inflation of vegetables stood at 26.93 per cent in the month under review, which had reached 38.45 per cent in January. “The main reason for the increase in inflation in February 2022 is due to increase in the prices of mineral oils, base metals, chemicals and chemical products, crude petroleum and natural gas and non-food items etc,” the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said in a statement.

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Inflation in manufactured goods stood at 9.84 per cent in February as against 9.42 per cent in January. Inflation in the fuel and energy segment stood at 31.50 per cent in February. Inflation in crude petroleum rose to 55.17 per cent as against 39.41 per cent in January due to rise in global crude oil prices.

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