Interesting anecdote: If Indo-Pak had not separated, then the full name of M&M would have been Mahindra & Muhammad

Interesting anecdote: If Indo-Pak had not separated, then the full name of M&M would have been Mahindra & Muhammad


New Delhi. Mahindra & Mahindra is one of the top 50 listed companies in India. The market cap of this company of the auto industry is more than 93,737 crores (as on 8 August 2021). Mahindra is not only known for its luxurious and powerful vehicles, as well as you will be proud to know that it is also the world’s number one tractor manufacturer.

Mahindra is broadly considered a company in the auto sector, but when you know about it well, you will find that this group works in 22 different industries till now, from making airplane parts to retail. is included. Mahindra’s company Tech Mahindra (Tech Mahindra or TechM) is said to be used by big technology companies around the world. Mahindra Group claims that the next time you sit on the plane, the parts made by Mahindra Company must have been used. Mahindra Group is the pride of India and its command is currently in the hands of Anand Mahindra.

The story behind Mahindra and Muhammad

The company was started in 1945. Had two partners. One was Anand Mahindra’s grandfather KC Mahindra and the other was Ghulam Muhammad. The company was renamed M&M (M&M). Mahindra & Muhammad. The work was steel production. The company’s work was going on and the name was being made that India was partitioned. In August 1947, India and Pakistan became two countries.

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Not only did this partition have an effect on the country and society, as well as many businesses also came under its grip. Mahindra & Muhammad was also one such company. After the formation of Pakistan, Ghulam Muhammad decided to go and settle there. Ghulam Muhammad was made the first Finance Minister of Pakistan.

Another thing worth noting here is that Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, had also requested Mohammad Hashim Premji, father of Wipro founder Azim Premji, to shift to Pakistan. In Jinnah, he was asked to become the Finance Minister of Pakistan, but Mohammad Hashim Premji refused. It was only after Premji’s refusal that Jinnah probably proposed to Ghulam Muhammad to become the Finance Minister, which he accepted.

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So why Mahindra & Mahindra?

Many people still wonder why the name of the company is Mahindra & Mahindra. If only two brothers were to form the company, it could have been named Mahindra only! There are two reasons given for naming the company Mahindra & Mahindra – first, there had been a lot of accessories under the name M&M before Ghulam Muhammad left the company. Had it been replaced, it would have cost a lot of money. And the second reason, KC Mahindra made his brother JC Mahindra a business partner. So in this way there were two Mahindras and one more Mahindra was added after removing Muhammad from the name of the company.

If Ghulam Mohammad had also decided to stay in India, we would have known this company as M&M, but its full form would not have been Mahindra & Mahindra but Mahindra & Muhammad.

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