International Coffee Day-3 Friends' coffee business became a hit in 4 years!  now earn crores

International Coffee Day-3 Friends’ coffee business became a hit in 4 years! now earn crores


Mumbai.During the college days, three friends Ashwajit Singh, Ajit and Armaan Sood were very much worried about drinking good coffee. But he did not consider it a problem, but made a new way of earning. Yes, from here he got the idea of ​​his business. minla And he decided to make it easy to make good coffee. In the year 2016, the trio turned the idea of ​​making coffee into a business and started a cold brew coffee startup called Sleepy Owl. Let’s know about his journey…

Let us tell you that in the last two years, the growth of his company has been more than 100 percent. While tea is the most preferred beverage in India, coffee is also slowly becoming a popular choice. In such a situation, this is the right time to bring new flavors and formats.

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It started like this-He initially raised Rs 12 lakh from his savings and family to build a setup like Sleepy Owl. His business started growing rapidly through funding of Rs 3.5 crore from DSG Partner. Sleepy Owl has currently reached more than 25 thousand customers. Recording 100% year-on-year growth, Sleepy Owl aims to increase its retail store presence from the current 100 stores to 1000 in two years. The company has a future plan to make itself a unique brand in people’s homes and offices. That’s why the company is working on bringing new flavors.

Such increased its reach – Sleepy Owl works on B2B and B2C platforms to take its product to the customers. The company also sells projects on Amazon along with its website. Along with delivering its products directly to cafes and restaurants for B2B, the company also tie-up with corporate offices to create brand value from all sides. Sleepy Owl is currently present on a pop-up basis at KPMG, Comic Con. In the retail market, Sleepy Owl is present in local shopping stores along with big retail stores like Foodhall, Modern Bazaar.

This is how to prepare Tasty Coffee- Sleepy Owl uses Arabica beans for cold brew coffee. Farm fresh beans are ground and brewed for 20-24 hours to make instant cold brew coffee. The specialty of Sleepy Owl Coffee is that no heat is used to make it. Due to this, both the bitterness and acidity of the coffee are significantly reduced and the taste of the coffee comes better. The company delivers coffee to customers in two types of packaging, self-brewed and ready-to-drink.

incomeThe company’s revenue comes from these many platforms, although 60-70 percent of the online model contributes. To increase brand loyalty, the company has also started subscription model, in which coffee is delivered every 7 or 15 days. The unique name and special packaging of the company have also played an important role in making the product different.

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