Investment Tips: Investing in the name of wife?  Know the rules related to this

Investment Tips: Investing in the name of wife? Know the rules related to this


Personal Finance: Financial year 2021-22 is going bye. Most of the people are busy in grooming their balance sheet. Looking for new investment options to avoid tax. If someone is getting insurance, then someone is investing in the name of wife to show less income.

If you are also investing in the name of your wife, then also collect information related to them. By investing in the name of your wife, you not only give her financial security but also take advantage of tax exemption. Here we are discussing some such options, through which you can provide financial security to your wife.

National Pension Scheme
If you also want that your wife should be independent after you, for this you will have to make arrangements from now on. You can open an account under the National Pension Scheme in the name of your wife. You can secure the future of your wife by investing in this account every month. With this, not only will they get a lump sum amount on attaining the age of 60 years, but they will also get a fixed amount every month as pension. In this scheme, you can invest more than Rs 1000 in the account in the name of the wife.

Investing in Mutual Funds
You can invest in mutual funds in the name of your wife. With this, they can get a substantial amount on retirement. In the last few years, it has been seen that investing in Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) gives you an annual return of around 15 percent.

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health insurance
From taking care of husband and children to taking care of the house, women play an important role. The domestic lady keeps on working continuously. He never even gets the week off. While handling the responsibility of the house, women forget to take care of themselves. That is why it is important that you definitely get health insurance in the name of the wife.

life insurance
Well everyone’s life is precious. But, the life of a domestic woman is more valuable than that of any working woman. Therefore, you must also get the life insurance of your wife. This gives him financial strength and understands the value of his life.

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