Investment Tips: Small investment will become a fund of lakhs one day, know what is the plan

Investment Tips: Small investment will become a fund of lakhs one day, know what is the plan


Mutual Fund Investment Tips: In the rising inflation, savings have become difficult even to run household expenses away. Just think, now this condition and what will be the inflation situation in the coming time. To deal with the increased expenses of the coming time, we have to save, no matter how we do it. Because it is said that drop by drop fills the ocean. That’s why we have to start saving from today itself and even if the savings are very small.

Mutual funds are the best option for saving. Because mutual fund is the only option in all the investment schemes where no matter how difficult the situation is, it gives more returns than other schemes. The special thing is that you can invest in mutual funds according to your pocket, even if it is an investment of Rs 500 a month.

Benefits of SIP
SIP is a systematic method of investment. In this, the investor does not have to face the risk of the market directly and the returns are also high. However, there is a risk in this too. Therefore, an investor should make an investment decision after looking at his income, target and risk profile.

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small investment big profit
Mutual Fund SIP is one such option of investment, through which you can make small and regular investments. The best part of this is that SIP investment inculcates the habit of saving and with a small investment every month, you can easily build a corpus of lakhs of rupees for the future. You can also invest Rs 500 per month through SIP. Compounding benefits from long term SIPs. Investors have got an average return of 12 to 15 percent in SIP over a long period.

Crores fund will be made
Through SIP, you can become a millionaire even with a monthly investment of just Rs 1500. For this you have to invest continuously for 30 years. Your investment can exceed Rs 1 crore with returns after 30. Here the estimated return has been applied at 15 per cent.

If you want to build a corpus of 50 lakhs in 10 years, then the first thing to see is that the average annual return of the funds you want to include in the portfolio over a long period of time. If we look at the 10-year SIP returns, there are many such schemes, which have an average return of more than 14 percent.

take care
Do the necessary research before investing in mutual funds. The most important thing is to choose the right fund. Choosing a fund is a bit difficult task for common investors. Therefore, before investing in mutual funds, consider all the aspects, definitely take the advice of a financial advisor.

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