Smart Investment Tips: On Valentine's Day, couples should make such an investment strategy, life will become easier

Investment Tips: Start investing in Mutual Fund in the name of wife, you can get crores of funds on retirement


new Delhi. Every person invests and saves according to his future financial needs. Some invest for the education of children, some save for building or buying a house, then some make investment plans to lead an easy life after retirement.

If you also want to invest for fulfilling future plans, then you should take this step wisely. Especially in terms of retirement. If you want to lead an easy life after retirement, then you can invest in mutual funds in the name of your wife. You can get crores of funds on retirement.

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Choose investment option according to inflation
Investment experts say that everyone is worried about retirement. But even more difficult is to choose the right investment option to do the right planning for it. Considering the ever-increasing inflation, we should consider such an investment option, in which the returns keep increasing with the rise in inflation. Mutual funds have attracted a lot of interest in the last few years due to better returns.

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Mutual fund investment is the best option
Mutual funds are a great investment option. If you want to get high returns with less risk then you can plan to invest in mutual funds. If you come from high income group and you have a good salary then you can invest in a scheme which can give you a huge amount of 2.45 crores on maturity.

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every month SIP Invest Rs 3500 in
In the last 10 years, it has been seen that investing in Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) gives you an annual return of around 15 per cent. If your wife is 30 years old at the time of investing, then you can invest Rs 12.60 lakh for a total of 30 years. With a return of 15%, you will have a corpus of about Rs 2.45 crore after 30 years. The interest rate in mutual fund schemes is on compounding.

This scheme has got so much return
scheme return
SBI Small Cap Mutual Fund 20.04 percent
Nippon India Small Cap Mutual Fund 18.14 percent
Invesco India Midcap Mutual Fund 16.54 percent
DSP Midcap Mutual Fund 15.27 percent
Kotak Emerging Equity Mutual Fund 15.95 percent

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