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Investment Tips: This Equity Smallcap Index Plan has doubled the money in two years, know the details


Mutual funds Investment Tips: In the midst of huge volatility in the market, the investor wants maximum returns. There are many investment sectors in Mutual Funds where the potential for returns is high. Despite going through the pressure of Corona and inflation, the Indian stock market has given great returns to its investors in 2021.

The list of equity investments also includes investments made in equities through mutual funds. In the last 2.5 years, Motilal Oswal Nifty Smallcap 250 Index Fund Direct Growth plan has doubled investors’ money. It is a small cap index fund. Looking at the performance table of this fund, its Net Asset Value or NAV has increased from 6th September 2019 to Rs 20.07 at present. It has seen an increase of 100 percent in this period.

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The plan started on 6th September 2019
If one would have put a lump sum amount in this smallcap index plan at the beginning, it would have doubled today. This plan started on 6th September 2019. Since then it has been giving alpha returns to its investors. In the last 1 year, it has given a return of about 26 percent to its investors. Whereas the average return of the same category of funds for this period has been 12.20 percent.

100% return in one year
This fund has been the highest return fund of its category in the last 1 year. The fund has given an absolute return of 105.75 per cent in the last one year while its category average return during the same period has been 43.50 per cent.

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You can invest even from Rs 500
If you look at the details of this mutual fund scheme, then its fund manager is Swapnil P Mayekar. Its expense ratio is 0.31 percent. Its benchmark index is Nifty 50. In this, the minimum lumpsum investment can be made of Rs 500 and the minimum SIPO amount is also Rs 500. There is no lockin period in this.

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