Jeff Bezos is the 'shark' of the business world, this famous company was ruined in minutes

Jeff Bezos is the ‘shark’ of the business world, this famous company was ruined in minutes


There used to be a company in America called Quidsi. This company used to run an e-commerce website by the name of in which children’s diapers were sold. It was very famous in America in those days.

Given the popularity of this company, Jeff Bezos tried to buy it but failed. After this Amazon owner Jeff Bezos fell behind it. Amazon first made all the things that were available on, Amazon made them available on its website.

After this suddenly Amazon started selling those things for 30 percent less than Jeff Bezos, who entered the market under a strategy, also promoted it very well. was not ready for this sudden decision. Buyers started turning to Amazon. Seeing this, also reduced the price of its goods. But before could make its next plan, Amazon continued to slash prices.

The customers took advantage of this rivalry of both the companies. Ultimately, the company had to bow down to Jeff Bozos after losing. Jeff bought it for $540 million. Although Walmart later offered Quidsi $600 million, it was too late.

At the time of the birth of Jeff Bezos, his mother was only 17 years old. His father was also in his teens. Later his biological father Ted Jorgensen left his mother when Jeff was only three years old. Jeff was brought up by his stepfather, Mijul Bezos.

After many years, Ted Jorgensen came to know that his real son had become the world’s top businessman. Ted Jorgensen has adopted 4 children, Ted did not tell anything about his first son. When these sons came to know about Jeff and saw him speaking, everyone said that Jeff laughs like his biological father Ted Jorgensen.

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