Attention small investors: Do not try to catch the bottom of the market, know when to invest

Jim Rogers’ advice to new investors in the stock market, the right time to learn about the declining market


Mumbai . Markets around the world are currently running in decline. There is also a lot of ups and downs and ups and downs. In such a situation, the condition of new investors is bad. Especially the first time investors who came after Corona had only seen the market boom till now. But now factors like war, global conditions, fear of raising interest rates by the Fed and inflation have spoiled the sentiment of the market. Such investors have been advised by veteran American investor Jim Rogers to be cautious.

He said that you learn as much as you can, because when you learn what is going on you will get worried and when you are worried you will try to protect yourself. The best way to protect yourself is to buy what you know.

Which sector will perform well going forward?
In a report in the Economic Times, on fears of a setback from central banks, Rogers said that once the war stops, the market will pick up and we don’t think central banks are going to be so aggressive on interest rates for some time. . Then the central bank will say wait a bit, now inflation is coming and then they will start raising interest rates and then stocks will enter a long bear market but commodities will perform well because there will be shortage of supply.

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worry about the value of money
On the outlook for demand for lithium and copper due to demand for electric vehicles, Jim Rogers said, “Electric cars use more copper and lithium. So when you are facing shortage and there is more demand at higher prices and then you have to print money which creates concern among people about the value of money.

why i won’t buy bonds
On the outlook on bond yields, he said that the bonds are definitely around a ‘bubble’. Interest rates have never been so low in the history of the world. Never had so much money been printed and borrowed by the government and central banks. “I won’t buy bonds unless there is a special situation,” Rogers said.

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US market boom for more than 12 years
Regarding the stock market, Rogers said, the US stock market has remained bullish for 12 years, which is the longest boom in US history. “We were in a big bull market and that doesn’t mean it can’t continue for another 12 years, but it never happened,” he said. In my opinion there will be inflation, interest rates will go up, stock prices will go up significantly because the enthusiasm is there and this will lead to the bear market, which will be the worst phase of my life.”

Things will get worse from 2008-09
He said that 2008-09 saw a huge bear market due to heavy debt. There is still a lot of debt around the world. So the next beer market will be pretty much a beer market. He said, “I am not trying to scare you or I am just telling you some facts. This time the debt situation is worse than in 2008-09.

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