Jobs box will open in FY23, Infosys will appoint 55 thousand freshers

Job Alert! Out of jobs for freshers, IT companies will recruit lakhs by next month, know full details


new Delhi. After reaching a record level of two decades at the attrition rate in IT companies, companies are now hiring in large numbers. There is a high demand for freshers in this. By the next month i.e. March, IT companies will give jobs to 3.6 lakh freshers.

Market intelligence firm Unearthinsight said on Thursday that the demand for IT services has increased rapidly in the era of digitization during the pandemic. Due to the increase in the Attrition Rate, there are problems in meeting this demand. This is the reason why the full emphasis of IT companies is on recruiting at this time.

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And the rate of leaving jobs will increase
The company said in its report that the attrition rate in the IT sector in the third quarter of the current financial year has been 22.3 percent. Prior to this, in the second quarter, this rate was 19.5 percent, while in the fourth quarter it is expected to be between 22 and 24 percent. However, this situation will improve from 2022-23 and the number of people leaving the job is likely to come down to 16 to 18 per cent during this period.

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Companies will earn more
Gaurav Vasu, Founder and CEO, UnearthInsight, said that despite the wave of severe corona pandemic in the country during the last few weeks, the growth of the IT industry has continued. The growth in earnings of the IT industry is likely to be the highest in this financial year.

30 percent companies will give jobs to new people
In another report, it has been said that during the first half of this year i.e. January to June, the intention of companies to hire freshers has increased by 30 percent compared to last year. According to TeamLease Aztec, in the first half of this year more than 47 per cent companies have expressed their intention to hire freshers. In January-June, 2021, the number of companies saying so was only 17 percent.

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