Job Description: Know before applying how the company will help you grow professionally

Job Description: Know before applying how the company will help you grow professionally


New Delhi. Many jobs were lost due to Corona virus, but now the economy is back on track. Employment opportunities are opening up. For its young readers, Tech for FTCp has started a special series “Naukari ki bat” with the top HR leaders of the country. This time the talk of life insurance, that is, the life insurance sector, which is growing in the era of Corona. Learn from Vikas Bansal, Chief Human Resource Officer, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company, about the job opportunities in the life insurance sector and his company and how to prepare for it.

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Vikas Bansal, Chief Human Resource Officer, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Company

Question: What should those people who lost their jobs during the pandemic do?
answer : The pandemic has brought about a huge boom in the way we work digitally and remotely. Hence, most of the companies will be looking for a candidate with ability to use technology and digital solutions. However, more than acquiring new skills, soft skills are the most important thing to move forward. The COVID 19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of being agile, proactive and an effective people manager.

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Question: Many courses are available online after the pandemic. If someone does these courses, will companies hire them?
answer : Online courses are definitely beneficial. They help you stay updated on new skills and stay ahead of the crowd. They can also help you expand your scope and improve your resume when you are looking for a job. I see that employers are showing more interest in aspects like management skills, multi-skilling capability and delivering in less time frame. So the younger generation should spend more time on building qualities like self-confidence, grooming, people management etc. and try for it.

Question: When the market is slowly opening, then where and how should the youth look for jobs?
answer : It is relatively easy to reach more people now that we have social media. There are many online job portals as well as offline consultants who can help you reach the right people. In particular, LinkedIn is very effective in terms of networking and getting a job.

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Question: Has there been a change in the process of giving jobs after Kovid-19?
answer : In view of the pandemic restrictions, face-to-face interviews have been largely replaced by video interviews. Companies are opting for digital tools to assess the candidates. These tools have reduced the time frame of the recruitment process and hence it is beneficial for all the stakeholders involved. Now with the vaccine coming, I hope that many companies, including us, will take note of the experience of these changes in the recruitment process.

Question: How should I prepare for the interview in this tough time?
answer : One of the most important aspects is that people do not understand the job role you are applying for. We apply ourselves to employers, but forget to understand what the company can do for us. Therefore, I would advise you to take the time to understand the company you are applying for, the job role you are going to play and how the company can help you grow professionally. For job seekers, who will be experiencing video interviewing for the first time, they should become familiar with something using their smartphone or laptop.

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Question: What kind of career can be adopted in the present circumstances?
answer : Instead of creating new roles, the pandemic has changed the way we work. This has made certain aspects like information security and technology more important. We may see a greater demand for talent related to experience and value creation through technology and risk management in the immediate future. Work from Home or Work Anywhere and much more flexible opportunities will come for employees who are not able to work in Headquarters or Regional Offices.

Question: What changes can be seen for the future keeping in mind Artificial Intelligence and Big Data?
answer : Whereas Artificial Intelligence and Big Data is playing a big role in the way of business. Especially in the case of retail businesses like insurance, technology and digitization. Therefore, my advice to job seekers would be to familiarize yourself with the new technologies and identify ways that can complement your job.

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Question: Can you tell our reader what are the job prospects in healthcare sector?
answer : The COVID 19 pandemic has made insurance a necessity and hence awareness has improved. The recent budget has announced an increase in the FDI limit in this sector from 49% to 74%, which has significantly increased the growth potential of the sector. Product innovation here will create huge job opportunities in risk management etc.

Question: What kind of education and skills are required for various positions in the healthcare sector?
answer : To stay competitive it is important to equip yourself with skills and stay updated with the information for your working expertise. More importantly, it will help you innovate and stay engaged.

Question: Tell us about your company’s hiring process and how job seekers can get in touch with your company?
answer : We have a great recruitment process. We are always looking to strengthen our advisory base. If anyone is interested in getting insurance advice, they can visit our nearest branch office.

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