Job Fraud Alert: Alert from Income Tax Department! Fraudsters doing fraud on the pretext of job, how to protect

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new Delhi. unemployment record level in corona epidemicRecord Unemployment) has been reached. Due to lack of employment, the crisis of livelihood has arisen in front of the people. Meanwhile, job fraud (Job Fraud Alert) cases have also started coming to the fore. Unemployed people easily fall in the trap of getting a good job. To save people from this, the Income Tax Department (Income Tax Department) has issued a warning.

The Income Tax Department has tweeted and asked people to beware of such fraudsters. If you are being given the promise of any kind of job, then it is a fraud. Many people got fake joining letter regarding job in Income Tax Department.Fraudulent Appointment Letter) is also being issued. It has been said in the warning that some people are being promised jobs in the Income Tax Department. Fake offer letter to many candidates (Fake Offer Letter) and joining letter (Fake Joining Letter) has also been issued. One needs to beware of these frauds.

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SSC selection process is transparent

In the notice issued by the department, it has been said that the job of Group-B and Group-C in the department will also be done by the Staff Selection Committee.SSC) is issued by Complete information regarding this is uploaded on the website of SSC. The selection process is completely transparent. In such a situation, it is an appeal to the people that they should not fall in any kind of hoax and do not fall in the greed of fake jobs.

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How to protect yourself from fraudsters

To avoid fraud, first of all avoid clicking on unverified links. Be careful not to reply to flashy links or messages. Apart from this, be careful before doing any financial transaction with an unknown person. Many people ask for money first to give a job. Then they disappear with money, so do not give money to anyone for a job.

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It is better to take care of these things

Do not do transactions with unknown persons. By doing this your personal information can reach cyber criminals.

After this, cyber criminals hacking your information can withdraw money from your account (Cyber ​​Attack on Bank Account).

If you are being implicated in the job of calling from any number, then immediately report and block the fraud mobile number.

If cybercrime happens, then file a complaint on the official website of the Crime Unit of the Ministry of Home Affairs at

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