Keep these things in mind while using a credit card, it may hurt

Keep these things in mind while using a credit card, it may hurt


Credit Card Fraud: In the world of digital payment, new cases of fraud keep coming to the fore. Cyber ​​thugs work to cheat people by adopting new tricks. In the world of cybercrime, there are often many fraud incidents regarding digital payments.

Sometimes in the name of credit card limit and sometimes in the name of expiry of debit card, people are cheated on the day. Sometimes on the pretext of doing KYC, sometimes in the name of updating bank account, people are being duped. Recently, a case came to light in Palwal, Haryana, in which a person got a phone call. He was told that the limit of his credit card is getting exhausted, he can increase this limit. And it was true that the credit card limit of that person was getting exhausted. The person asked to increase the limit. The caller said that an OTP will come on his phone number and share it. The person went on doing as per the caller’s instructions. By the time he understood something, his bank account was empty. This incident is a great lesson.

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always be alert
Many times people click on any unknown link that comes on WhatsApp or message without thinking. Clicking on unknown links can cost you heavily. Because through such links all your information goes to the fraudsters. Do not share the OTP from any unknown number.

In the wake of too many offers or expensive gifts, some people download unnecessary apps or keep searching on new websites, links. Many times, even shopping from unknown websites gets hurt.

In case of cyber fraud, register your complaint at and use the helpline number 155260.

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