Kept in water, passed the car from above, but nothing spoiled this Smartphone

Kept in water, passed the car from above, but nothing spoiled this Smartphone


new Delhi. What would you call a smartphone if it stays the same even after immersing it in water, trying hard to twist it and passing the car over it? Very strong, powerful. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has also passed in all these exams. A video uploaded on YouTube channel PBKReviews shows how powerful the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is. In this video a very tough test of this phone has been taken.

PBK Reviews has rated Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 9.5 out of 10 (Galaxy S22 Ultra Durability Rating) in terms of durability. In a similar test last week, the vanilla Galaxy S22 model was rated 10 out of 10. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is strong as well as many other powerful features (Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Featurs) have also been given in it.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was launched on February 9 along with Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ smartphone and Galaxy Tab S8 series. It was told at the launch event that the Galaxy S22 series smartphones are protected with Armor Aluminum and Gorilla Glass Vacts +. This feature has been given on both the front and back of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra passed these tests

Water Test: First of all, to test the water resistance capacity of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra dust and water resistance), it was immersed in water. Water did not have any side effect on it. Anyway, it comes with an I68 rating for water and dust resistance.

Scratch Test: After this the scratch test of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was taken. It took a lot of effort to scratch it. According to the video, despite the scratching on the fingerprint area, it did not have any effect on the sensor. The sides of this smartphone are made of metal while the antenna area is covered with plastic.

bend test It is shown in the video that the bend test of Galaxy S22 Ultra has also been taken. This has been done so that it can be known that what will happen if it is kept in a tight pocket. It was successful in this test also.

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Passed car: The toughest test in the video was taken from the car of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra. The interesting thing is that even after passing over the car, nothing spoiled it and it continued to work normally. Neither it bent nor did any effect on the screen. However, it did have some scratches on it.

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