Earning opportunity with Railway!  Start your business in ₹ 4000, will earn up to 80000 monthly, know how to start?

Leave the job and start this business for 2 lakh rupees, every month will earn 1 lakh, the government will give 4 lakh help


new Delhi. If you are thinking of starting your own business then you have a great opportunity. Which you can start small business with minimum money and earn money in lakhs every month. Today we are telling you about a business idea that you can start with just Rs 2 lakh.

The special thing in this is that you can start it with government support business. On the basis of this business, you can earn 1 lakh rupees every month.

start papad making business
If you have 2 lakh rupees, then you can start papad business with this money. If you are short of money, then let us tell you that the National Small Industry Corporation has come up with a project report. Through this, you can take a loan of up to Rs 4 lakh under Mudra Loan at affordable rates.

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What will be the total cost
According to this report, with a total investment of Rs 6 lakh, a production capacity of about 30 thousand kg will be ready. For this capacity, 250 sqm of land will be required. To start this business, you will have to spend Rs.6.05 lakh (total cost includes fixed capital and working capital). Fixed capital includes all expenses like two machines, packaging machines, equipment. This includes 3 months salary of staff, raw material and utility product expenses in three months. Apart from this, expenses like rent, electricity, water, telephone bill are also included in this.

Things needed to start a business
You must have a place for this. If you do not have space, then it can be taken on rent, for which you will have to pay rent for 5 thousand rupees per month. In man power, 3 unskilled labor, 2 skilled labor and one supervisor will have to be kept. Rs 25,000 will be spent on their salary, which has been added to the working capital.

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