Leaving the job of the bank, started the cultivation of herbal plants 25 years ago, a ray of hope for the farmers

Leaving the job of the bank, started the cultivation of herbal plants 25 years ago, a ray of hope for the farmers


Today, even though farmers all over the country live in constant losses due to rising cost of farming and falling prices of crops, there is no possibility of loss in the out-of-the-box farming of Dr. Rajaram Tripathi. Rather, the profit in it is increasing continuously. The biggest thing is that only natural resources are used in the farming methods of Dr. Rajaram Tripathi. Due to which there is no pollution in the earth, air and water and the quality of crops remains intact. Dr. Rajaram Tripathi has also been honored for this. The Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India has also made him a member of the Medicinal Plants Board.

Dr. Rajaram Tripathi not only cultivates herbal plants himself, but he has also engaged other farmers in many areas of Chhattisgarh to cultivate herbs and spices with him. By joining them today, farmers are cultivating herbal plants and spices on more than thousand acres of land in Chhattisgarh. Dr. Rajaram Tripathi has also formed an organization to save the farmers from the trap of traders, which is named Central Herbal Agro Marketing Federation. About 22000 farmers from across the country are associated with this organization and they sell their crops through it. The number of foreign buyers on their website is very high. Dr. Rajaram Tripathi has also worked to train hundreds of farmers on the cultivation of herbal plants and spices.

Yogi government’s unique initiative to double the income of farmers

Dr. Rajaram Tripathi is very disappointed that the way herbal and spice cultivation should be developed in the country, it is not happening. There is a market for organic farming of about 60 trillion dollars all over the world. In which India’s share is very less, while India has many possibilities. Few countries in the world have as much biodiversity as India has. Yet India is far behind in this direction. While many countries with limited biodiversity are ahead in the export of medicinal plants from India.

Plan to increase farmers’ income through cultivation of Australian teak and pepper in Uttarakhand

Dr. Rajaram Tripathi believes that the farmers here can easily fulfill the raw material needed by the Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies in the country. This will reduce the pressure of Ayurvedic pharmaceutical companies on the forests and will also protect the forests. It is necessary to protect the forests from the tribes living in the forests and other people for the herbs, because they damage the forests.

Dr. Rajaram Tripathi says that it has been almost 25 years since he started cultivating medicinal plants and spices. Now his talk is being taken seriously among the farmers. Dr. Tripathi is now cultivating black rice along with black pepper, stevia. Dr Tripathi also believes that farmers should leave the trust of the government and find a new market for their crops themselves and try new experiments. Regarding the market of medicinal plants, Dr. Tripathi believes that even now big companies are dependent on forest produce. But this method is not going to last long, because it is increasing the pressure on the forests. Therefore, the cultivation of medicinal plants is the way through which the farmers can be protected along with the protection of water, forest and land.

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