LIC IPO: This IPO will break many records, 1 crore retail investors can take part, know other important things

LIC IPO: This IPO will break many records, 1 crore retail investors can take part, know other important things


LIC IPO: As the LIC IPO is approaching, its craze is increasing rapidly. On the one hand, investors are getting ready for this and on the other hand the government is also preparing vigorously for the IPO. The IPO of Life Insurance Corporation will be the largest IPO in the country. It is the largest insurance company in the country.

LIC estimates that 75 lakh to 1 crore retail investors can participate in this mega IPO. This will be the highest ever share of non-institutional investors for any IPO in the history of the Indian stock market. About 14 percent of the total Indian population investing in the financial market can invest in this IPO, including its policyholders and employees.

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Average investment of individual will be 30 to 40 thousand
According to market experts, as much hype is there about this IPO, in this sense it can also break the record of being subscribed. It is expected to get oversubscription. LIC is estimated to raise about 25 thousand crores from these investors. The company estimates that the average investment of each individual participating in its IPO will be 30 to 40 thousand. Economic Times has given this information in a report quoting LIC sources. It has been said in the report that LIC has made this estimate on the basis of initial feedback received from book runners and other participants of the stock market.

fast opening demat accounts
According to market experts, there are more than 7 crore demat accounts in India so far. LIC has been reaching out to its policyholders through advertisements and messages for some time now and appealing to them to open demat accounts. So that its policyholders can participate in LIC’s IPO.

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LIC expects that with its efforts, the total number of demat accounts in the country can cross 8 crores by March. LIC’s IPO is expected to come in the last fortnight of March.

IPO may launch for anchor investors on March 11
Earlier on Friday, news agency Reuters quoted some reliable sources as saying that the IPO size of LIC will be around $ 8 billion (about Rs 60,000 crore) and it will be launched for anchor investors on March 11. At the same time, two days later, on March 14, it can be opened for the rest of the investors.

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