Like refrigerator-AC, you will be able to know how much electricity the fan will consume, star labeling will be mandatory

Like refrigerator-AC, you will be able to know how much electricity the fan will consume, star labeling will be mandatory


new Delhi. Whether one is rich, poor or middle-income person in India, electricity bill bothers everyone. Not only in the normal days but also in the election days, the increasing electricity bill or announcements of reduction in electricity bill also become a major issue. This is the reason why people want to take all possible measures to stop the speed of electric meter running. Since electricity has now become an integral part of life, its use cannot be stopped. That’s why common people also find all the ways for this. However, now many efforts are being made by the central and state governments. The star labeling policy started by the central government to reduce power consumption is also a part of this. Due to which electricity consumers will also benefit.

Recently, a study by the Council on Energy, Environment and Water said that if a person replaces conventional fans only with energy efficient fans in homes, then he can save 500 rupees per fan annually. A step ahead of this, now another new news is that like refrigerator, cooler, air conditioner, now fans will also have star labeling of power consumption. That is, while buying a fan, you will know how much electricity your fan will consume. Star labeling is also being made mandatory for fans from June 2022 this year on behalf of the Ministry of Power, Government of India. In such a situation, there will not be a single fan in the market, on which stars are not registered and it is not known how much electricity it will consume.

Shalu Agarwal, Senior Program Lead, CEEW says that India has demonstrated its leadership in energy efficiency through a supportive eco-system. In such a situation, a business model with bulk procurement and robust distribution system can effectively help in increasing the use of energy efficient equipment. The star labeling program for ceiling fans will be made mandatory from June 2022. Hence, it is the right time to act fast to promote energy-efficient ceiling fans, which have found little place in the debate on energy efficiency so far.

Let us tell you that there is a need to understand about the consumption of electricity and stars that the highest marking or scoring is 5 stars. If an electronic item is given 5 stars, it means that that item will consume the least electricity. Whereas if he is given 4 or 3 then he will eat more power than a 5 star one. Along with this, if someone has been given only 1 star, it means that that fan will consume the most electricity. So now, even while buying fans, people will have a chance to make a choice on the basis of star labeling.

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