Looking to buy stocks in a falling market?  So what should be on your radar?  Learn

Looking to buy stocks in a falling market? So what should be on your radar? Learn


new Delhi. The fight between Russia and Ukraine (Ukraine Russia Crisis) has started. Today there are reports of explosions being heard in many places. In such a situation, the stock market is also falling. On Thursday, the NSE Nifty (Nifty 50) has seen a fall of about 500 points and the Sensex (BSE Sensex) has seen a decline of more than 1600 points. Although big investors have withdrawn their money from the market in the last few days, but smart investors keep looking for similar opportunities. This is the time when smart investors pick up stocks at cheap prices and make profits later. If you also want to buy shares in the midst of this decline, then you can buy shares according to the opinion of experts.

Today we are sharing with you the opinion of some experts. These market experts believe that this time is a good opportunity to invest in good stocks. Most of the experts are advising to buy information technology (IT) shares.

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This correction had to come

Explaining the strategy for investors in such falling markets, Parth Nyati, Founder, Tradingo said, “After a stellar performance in 2021, we are seeing a meaningful correction for the first time in the market. This correction was to come, and geo-political tensions (Russia and Ukraine crisis) became one of the reasons. Inflation and rising interest rates are major concerns. Inflation risks rising for equity markets and geo-political tensions, as energy prices rise. In fact, such geo-political issues provide a good buying opportunity for long term investors. And we are in a structural bull run, which is likely to continue for a few years to come. Yes, some corrections will be a part of this journey during this time.

These sectors are attractive for investment

Parth Nyati said, “Long term investors should not panic and look for buying opportunities from lower levels. They should look at such sectors, which will be helpful in propelling the domestic economy, such as capital goods, infrastructure, real estate, and financial sectors.

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Confirming Parth Nyati’s point of view, VK Vijayakumar, Chief Investment Strategist, Geojit Financial Services, said, “Investors should wait and watch the situation ahead before making any major commitments. Buying should be limited to only those stocks and segments which are value fair or they are good earners.”

Positions created in IT stocks

Advising investors to buy IT stocks in this weak market, VK Vijayakumar said, “IT, though at a high value, is a sector whose prospects are continuously improving. It has been seen that many promoters are continuously buying shares of IT companies. This is a sign of better than expected results from the sector. Investors can buy quality stocks in IT gradually.”

Saurabh Jain, Vice President (Researches), SMC Global Securities has advised long-term investors to buy the ever-green stock in this falling market. “Apart from sectors like banks, real estate and capital goods, quality stocks like Reliance and Bharti Airtel can be bought in this weak market,” he said.

(Disclaimer: The stocks mentioned here are based on the advice of brokerage houses. If you wish to invest in any of these, please consult a Certified Investment Advisor first. Tech for FTCP will not be responsible for any profit or loss caused by you .)

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