Lower circuit engaged in multibagger realty stock that doubles money, know from experts, buy or sell now?

Lower circuit engaged in multibagger realty stock that doubles money, know from experts, buy or sell now?


Multibagger realty stock : In Monday’s trading session, the stock of DB Realty hit a lower circuit of 5% on the BSE. It has come down to Rs 102. Multibagger stock has been continuously touching the lower circuit in the last few trading sessions. However, it is still over 109% so far in 2022 (on a year-on-year basis).

Stock crosses Rs 48.90 to 100
DB Realty share price had increased from Rs 48.90 to Rs 100 this year. It has registered a growth of around 105 per cent in the Year on Year (YTD) time. That is, from January 3 (the first trading day of the year 2022) to February 4, this stock has given a return of 104.81 percent to its investors.

This is more than 400% return in six months
If we look at the amount, if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock on January 3, then today this amount would have become 2.04 lakh. Multibagger stock has gained over 38% in one month while it has gained over 400% in the last six months.

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Avoid taking new positions
DB Realty stock is trading amid a lot of speculation despite low volumes. Fundamentals are weak and outlook is negative. Depending on the technical setup, the stock can touch the 80 level with this momentum and high volatility. Ravi Singh, VP and Research Head, Share India Securities said, “Investors can be cautious and avoid taking any fresh positions in this stock at current levels.”

Stocks were buzzing last month amid the Mumbai-based realty firm’s fund raising plan and the announcement of Jhunjhunwala’s participation in the company’s warrant issue. Sumeet Bagdia of Choice Broking advises investors to avoid long positions as the realty stock continues to move lower and touch the lower circuit.

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