LPG cylinder became costlier than ₹ 1000 in these cities, is there your city’s name in it?


new Delhi. On Tuesday, the prices of LPG cylinders finally increased. This time the 14.2 kg cylinder has been increased by ₹ 50. With this, the price of LPG cylinder has gone up to more than ₹ 1000 in some cities. Talking about the average of big cities, the cylinder will cost around ₹ 950.

According to a report by Dainik Bhaskar, now the prices of cylinders in 11 cities across the country have crossed ₹ 1000. These cities include Bhind, Gwalior, and Morena in Madhya Pradesh. If a cylinder of ₹ 1031 will be available in Bhind, then LPG cylinder can be filled in Gwalior for Rs. 1033.50. Apart from this, the cylinder has become ₹ 1035 in Morena, Madhya Pradesh.

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These cities of Bihar and Chhattisgarh have the highest price
In some cities of Bihar also, the price of cylinder is above ₹ 1000. In Patna, you will get a cylinder for ₹ 1048 and in Bhagalpur for ₹ 1047.50. 1046 rupees will have to be paid in Aurangabad, Bihar. Cylinder of ₹ 1007 can be filled in Dumka of Jharkhand and ₹ 1007 in Ranchi also.

Now ₹ 1038 will have to be paid for LPG cylinder in Kanker, Chhattisgarh, while in Raipur a new cylinder will be available for ₹ 1031. The price of gas cylinder in Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh has gone up to ₹ 1019.

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Now LPG cylinder can be filled in major cities of the country for about ₹ 950. Rs 949.50 in Delhi, Rs 949.50 in Mumbai, Rs 976 in Kolkata, Rs 953.50 in Jaipur and Rs 955.50 in Bhopal.

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After the increase of Rs 50 in domestic LPG cylinder, from March 22, 2022, a 14 kg cylinder in Delhi has become Rs 949.5, which was earlier available for Rs 899.50. Its price in Kolkata has increased from Rs 926 to Rs 976. Domestic gas cylinder is now available in Lucknow for Rs 987.5.

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5 and 10 kg cylinder became expensive
Along with the increase in domestic gas prices, oil companies have also increased the prices of 5 kg and 10 kg cylinders. Now 5 kg LPG cylinder can be found for Rs 349 and 10 kg cylinder for Rs 669.

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