Mark Zuckerberg gave advice to his employees - said, in the form of Meta and...

Mark Zuckerberg gave advice to his employees – said, in the form of Meta and…


New Delhi. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and now Meta, has written a note to his employees advising them to be more responsible. He said that now we as Meta are building the next chapter of our company.

Actually, Facebook has been accused of negligence and leaking of data many times in the past. Taking lessons from this, Zuckerberg said, it is helpful for people to know what it is like to work in Meta and what makes us different from other companies. A lot has changed in the values ​​that we had created since we started the company in 2007. We have a global community and therefore our responsibility also increases. As the Metaverse, our company is now building the future of social interactions.

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Kal kare so aaj kar…
Like a couplet of Rahim Das, Zuckerberg has advised his employees not to postpone work. We have to move forward to build and learn faster than anyone else, he said. Do not wait for the next week to do anything new, but do it today. We should think about a company moving forward and not as an individual.

inspire people
The founder of Meta said that we should face all challenges to push forward new products and ideas. Do not hesitate to do experiments that are effective, even if the result is not visible for many years to come. We have already created products that are useful to billions of people. Now in the next chapter of Meta also, the emphasis will be on presenting products that inspire people.

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Values ​​are not what they write on the website
Zuckerberg gave his employees the mantra of Meta, Metamates and Me, saying that they give direction to our mission. It shows our collective success and responsibility. Values ​​are not what we write on the website, but they are what make us responsible to each other. We should interact with each other and share the feedback with respect and move towards making it better.

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