Mcap of Top 10 Firms: Market cap of top-10 companies of Sensex increased by 2.72 lakh crore, RIL remained on top


new Delhi. There was a tremendous jump of Rs 2.72 lakh crore in the market capitalization of the top 10 companies of the Sensex last week. Amidst a bullish trend in the global markets, strong buying here also led to a significant increase in the market valuation of the top 10 companies of the Sensex.

Sensex jumps 4.16 percent

The 30-share BSE Sensex was up 2,313.63 points or 4.16 per cent in the week of low holiday trading sessions. Similarly, the Nifty of the National Stock Exchange rose 656.60 points or 3.95 per cent.

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RIL, TCS and Infosys increase market cap

The market cap of the top 10 Sensex companies collectively increased by Rs 2,72,184.67 crore amid a bullish trend in the broader market. The market cap of Reliance Industries increased by Rs 54,904.27 crore to Rs 16,77,447.33 crore. The market valuation of IT sector companies TCS and Infosys collectively increased by Rs 41,058.98 crore. The market cap of TCS rose by Rs 27,557.93 crore to Rs 13,59,475.36 crore in the reporting week. At the same time, the valuation of Infosys stood at Rs 7,79,948.32 crore, with a jump of Rs 13,501.05 crore.

Market cap of these companies including SBI also increased

There was a strong jump in the market valuation of the country’s top banks HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and SBI. HDFC Bank’s market valuation rose by Rs 46,283.99 crore to Rs 8,20,747.17 crore. SBI’s market capitalization rose by Rs 27,978.65 crore to Rs 4,47,792.38 crore and that of ICICI Bank rose by Rs 29,127.31 crore to Rs 5,00,174.83 crore.

Hindustan Unilever’s market position increased by Rs 1,703.45 crore to Rs 4,93,907.58 crore. The market valuation of Bajaj Finance stood at Rs 4,22,325.91 crore, up by Rs 22,311.87 crore. HDFC’s market cap increased by Rs 33,438.47 crore to Rs 4,37,859.67 crore. During the week, the market position of telecom giant Bharti Airtel increased by Rs 15,377.68 crore to Rs 3,96,963.73 crore.

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Reliance Industries retained the first place

Reliance Industries remained in the first place in the list of top 10 companies. It was followed by TCS, HDFC Bank, Infosys, ICICI Bank, Hindustan Unilever, SBI, HDFC, Bajaj Finance and Bharti Airtel respectively.

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