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Google is now an official partner of the McLaren Formula 1 Team and the McLaren MX Extreme E Team. Thanks to the partnership, Android and Chrome logos will now adorn F1 racing cars. The search giant has signed a “major multi-year partnership” with McLaren Racing. Both the companies have not announced the financial details of the deal. “McLaren Racing represents the very best of what’s possible on a racetrack across performance, inclusion and sustainability, and those are values we share at Google. We’re bringing more innovation to platforms, like Android and Chrome, and seamlessly connecting them to other Google services to optimize McLaren’s race day performance,” said Nicholas Drake, VP of Marketing, Google.
What will Google offer
The partnership involves McLaren Racing using 5G-enabled Android devices and the Chrome browser during practice sessions, qualifying and races. Google will be providing McLaren its products, services and software to help the team perform at its best on the track. McLaren will use Android-powered devices and Chrome browser for all race operations during the upcoming race season.
Where all will Google branding appear
Google has Formula 1 car with the Android Minifigure logo, Chrome wheels, and other easter eggs. Branding will be visible on the engine bar, wheel covers, helmets and suits for the select McLaren Formula 1 drivers. They will also be there on the Number 58 McLaren MX Extreme E race car, and on the race suits of McLaren MX Extreme E drivers Emma Gilmour and Tanner Foust from the 2022 Island X Prix.


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