Money Making Tips: You too can become a millionaire, just have to do a little work


How to Become Crorepati: Everyone’s dream is money-money. Everyone wants that they have so much money that they can have all the comforts of life, they should not spread their hands in front of anyone in times of trouble. Children should be brought up in a good way and old age should be cut off peacefully. Man works hard day and night to make this dream come true. Collects pies. Even after this, the dream of many people remains only a dream.

Being rich is not easy. This position cannot be achieved in a day. With years of hard work and planning, a person can make his dreams come true.

If you want to fulfill your dreams of becoming a millionaire, then hard work and planning is very important for this. In this planning, you have to take care of small things. You have to increase your earnings as well as save every single pie.

savings and investment

Get into the habit of saving first. Start saving as early as possible. As soon as you earn, set aside a part of it for savings immediately. Then make a household budget with the remaining money. Invest your savings in different places. Salaried employees get their salary in the first week of the month. Therefore, prepare an investment plan for this week as well. Try to use at least 10 percent of the total earnings for investment.

household budget

You have to make a habit of making a household budget. With this, it will be known that on which items the extra money is being spent. In this way, you can definitely save in house expenses every month. Control expenses. Avoid debt. Avoid buying unnecessary items by getting lured by discounts or offers.

emergency fund

Make sure to keep an emergency fund. Because life has its ups and downs. Emergency fund comes in handy in getting out of these situations. The extreme conditions may be of a few days, but they affect the entire life cycle. If you do not create an emergency fund, then the money you are saving to make your dreams come true will be exhausted. To keep your investment always safe, keep an emergency fund of at least 6 months.

If your monthly expenses are Rs 50,000, then you should have an emergency fund of Rs 3 lakh. Along with investing, keep depositing money in the emergency fund as well. The advantage of creating this fund is that you will know how many expenses you have and you will always have enough money for them.

income from investment

Investment should be such that it keeps earning. If any of your funds have matured, have got some money separately from business or extra hard work, then invest it somewhere.

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