Mukesh Ambani said in AED 2022 - by 2030, India will contribute 60 percent to the world's economy

Mukesh Ambani said in AED 2022 – by 2030, India will contribute 60 percent to the world’s economy


new Delhi. In the ongoing Asia Economic Dialogue in Pune, Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani (CMD Mukesh Ambani) has given a very positive statement about India’s economy.

In a conversation with PIC President Raghunath Mashelkar, he said that the pace of Indian economy is the fastest in the world. We have the world’s largest consumer market, on the basis of which our contribution to the world’s economy will reach 60 percent by 2030. India will become the world’s largest economy before the next decade.

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Asia’s growing dominance

Mukesh Ambani said that the share of Asia and especially India in the world economy is increasing. At this time, Asia is the center of attraction in the global economy and its dominance is increasing. Despite being affected by the epidemic in 2020, the GDP of Asian countries has been the highest in the whole world.

The conference will last for three days

The Asia Economic Dialogue, being organized by the Pune International Center Policy Research Think Tank and the Ministry of External Affairs, will run from February 23 to February 25. This time the theme of the conference has been kept as Resilient Global Growth in a Post-Pandemic World, in which veterans of various fields are discussing the challenges of the world recovering from the pandemic.

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