Mukesh Ambani said on Clean Energy – at this time it is not an option, but a need

Mukesh Ambani said on Clean Energy – at this time it is not an option, but a need


new Delhi. In the Asia Economic Dialogue, Mukesh Ambani has described energy as the oxygen for any economy. He said that the faster we take the development forward, the faster we will need to consume energy. Green Energy is not an option but a necessity for us at this time. It is not only the only fuel of the future, but also a means to get rid of the growing concerns of the environment.

Ambani said that we do not have any other planet worthy of life in the entire universe. It is necessary to save it. Therefore green energy is not the only option but a necessity.

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Government showed intention by budget announcements

Ambani appreciated the announcements to promote green energy in the budget, saying that the Indian government has expressed its concerns about the environment and these announcements clearly show its intention. The budget has set a target of 500 GW of renewable energy production by 2030.

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easy way of life

Along with describing green and clean energy as an energy option, Mukesh Ambani said that this will make life easier. In recent times, the consumption of conventional fuels like petrol and diesel has increased. Its effect will also be visible on the environment. He said that I personally have a lot of love for the environment and animals, that is why we are constantly investing in promoting green energy.

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