Multibagger for 2022: Experts said - this stock will run and give good returns

Multibagger for 2022: Experts said – this stock will run and give good returns


new Delhi. Multibagger penny stock for 2022: Last year a large number of stocks gave multibagger returns. Keeping this in mind, investors are looking for penny stocks giving multibagger returns this time too. In penny stock, in fact, more shares can be bought with less capital. And if such stocks start running, then there is tremendous return. Market experts have identified a multibagger stock for 2022 named Vikas Lifecare.

Market experts feel that Vikas Lifecare can give tremendous returns this year. At present, this stock is trading 34 percent below its high on the National Stock Exchange. With the decline of the market in almost the last one month, this stock has also fallen.

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Fantastic pattern and price action

Market experts say that the pattern of Vikas Lifecare Share is looking good and the price action is also good in this. Experts say that as soon as the trend changes, this stock can run upwards very fast. This penny stock has closed at Rs 5.25 on Wednesday, 23 February 2022. It has been said that Vikas Lifecare (Vikas Lifecare Share Price) can jump from here to Rs.12.

If this happens, a return of 56 percent can be obtained from the current level. However, market experts want to see it by the end of 2022 to reach there.

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Speaking on the Vikas Lifecare stock price outlook, Anuj Gupta, Vice President, IIFL Securities said, “The stock has broken the consolidation zone and has remained above the zone despite bearish market sentiment since last one week. has been able to. It is looking positive on the chart pattern and may show bullish momentum from here. As soon as the trend changes in the secondary market, this stock may look upwards.” He said that penny stock is facing resistance around ₹7.50 to ₹8 level. But, once it crosses this hurdle, it can give a sharp jump in the short to mid term. Anuj Gupta says that this stock can go up to Rs 12.

Echoing Anuj Gupta, Manoj Dalmiya, Founder & Director, Praveen Equities said, “The primary trend is sideways, but in the intermediate trend, it has created an interesting price action. Following the downtrend breakout on 22 December 2021, the head and shoulders fell sharply below the neck line of the pattern. After this, it gave a sharp rally upwards by forming a triangle. At present, it is getting stuck at the resistance below the downward trendline.

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Vikas Lifecare share price history

Shares of Vikas Lifecare is one of the multibagger penny stocks in 2021 as it has given almost 100 per cent return to its shareholders in a year. It has given nearly 50 per cent return to its shareholders in the last 6 months. However, the stock has fallen by about 35 per cent in the last one month.

The current market cap of the shares of Vikas Lifecare is around Rs 582 crore. Its all-time high is ₹7.95, while its 52-week low is ₹2.46. The penny stock’s current trading volume is 12,61,377, which is significantly lower than its 20-day average volume of 54,73,444.

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