Multibagger stock: In 13 years, the price of this share reached the sky, Rs 1.64 crore was made for Rs 1 lakh

Multibagger stock: In 13 years, the price of this share reached the sky, Rs 1.64 crore was made for Rs 1 lakh


new Delhi. Multibagger stock: Investing in shares is similar to investing in a business. Hence, stock investors are often advised to keep investing in stocks without getting bogged down by short-term sentiments if they are sure about the business model and its profitability. In fact, a stock market investor should adopt a buy, hold and forget strategy. He should keep any stock as long as he can.

If one wants to know the benefits of a stock for a long time, then he must see the history of Balakrishna Industries share. The share of this multi-national tire company has gone up from Rs.12.18 to Rs.2000 in 13 years. In this way, this stock has increased by 16,320 percent in this period.

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16,320 percent increase in 13
In the last six months, the selling of Balakrishna Industries has dominated the stock. The stock has lost 20 per cent on an annual basis in the last 6 months. At the same time, this share has come from Rs 2327 to Rs 2000 in this period. In the last one year, this stock has jumped 22 percent from Rs 1640 to Rs 2000. Talking about the last five years, this multibagger stock has increased by 185 percent and it has reached from Rs 700 to Rs 2000.

Similarly, in 10 years, this stock has jumped 1500 percent and it has gone from Rs 125 to Rs 2000 per share. The share price of Balakrishna Industries as on 13 March 2009 was Rs 12.18 on NSE. At the same time, on 15 March 2022, this stock was trading at Rs 2,000. In this way, in 13 years, this stock has given a multibagger return of 16,320 percent.

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1.64 crore made from one lakh rupees
If an investor has invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock six months ago, then today he has remained 80 thousand rupees. At the same time, the capital of one lakh rupees invested in this stock a year ago has now become 1.22 lakh. Rs 1 lakh invested five years ago has become 2.85 lakh today. Similarly, 10 years ago, if an investor had invested one lakh rupees, then today that amount has become 16 lakh rupees. Similarly, if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this multibagger stock 13 years ago, then that investment has taken the form of Rs 1.64 crore today.

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