Multibagger stock: This share of Adani Group filled the bag of investors, now 1 lakh shares are giving Rs 87 lakh


new Delhi. Multibagger Stock: It is very important for an investor to have patience to earn money from the stock market. Big profits cannot be earned by buying and selling shares immediately. Investors who buy shares and keep them with them for long term, they only make huge profits. An example of this is the investors who had made long term investments in the shares of Adani Transmission. 7 years ago the share rate of Adani Transmission was Rs 27.60 which has now become Rs 2,420. In this way, in 7 years, this stock has given 86,680 percent multibagger returns to investors.

Adani Transmission’s stock has jumped 20 per cent in the last one month and has touched Rs 2,420 from Rs 2,032. This stock has gained 55 percent in the last 6 months, it has reached Rs 2,420 from the level of Rs 1,578. The stock has gained 190 per cent in the last one year. If we talk about the last five years, then there has been a jump of 3,670 percent in this multibagger stock. Five years ago, the share price was just Rs 81.35.

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87.7 times increased in 7 years

The stock has grown 87.7 times in seven years. The price of this share on March 31, 2015 was Rs 27.60 on NSE. At the same time, on 24 March 2022, this stock has closed at Rs 2,420 on NSE. The current market capital of this multibagger stock of Adani Transmission is ₹2,65,538 crore. Its trade volume is 2,99,163 which is less than its 20 day average volume of 4,09,619. The highest level of Adani Transmission Share All Time High Price is Rs 2,464.30.

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87.70 lakhs became one lakh rupees

If an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in Adani Transmission stock a month ago and retained his investment, then that Rs 1 lakh has now become Rs 1.20 lakh. On the other hand, if an investor had invested one lakh rupees in it 6 months ago, then his investment has now converted into a capital of Rs 1.55 lakh. Similarly, Rs 1 lakh invested a year ago has become Rs 2.90 lakh so far and Rs 1 lakh invested five years ago has now become Rs 37.70 lakh. Similarly, if an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in the shares of Adani Transmission seven years ago, then that Rs 1 lakh has now become Rs 87.70 lakh.

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