Multibagger Stock: This stock has made investors a millionaire, 1800 percent return in a year, is this stock in your portfolio or not?


new Delhi. In the last two years, the shares of many companies have made investors rich with their strong performance. These included several penny stocks with strong fundamentals. One of which is Indus Trade Links Limited.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, India’s stock market has grown very strongly in the last two years. The number of young investors investing in the stock market has also increased significantly. For this reason, many stocks with strong fundamentals have emerged as multibagger stocks.

The stock of Sindhu Trade Links has given tremendous returns of more than 1800 percent to the people in less than 1 year. The 52-week low level of the company’s shares is Rs 5.32. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) closed at Rs 119.30 with a gain of 2.45% per cent on Wednesday (23.03.2022).

Rs 22 lakh profit on Rs 1 lakh
The shares of Sindhu Trade Links were at the level of Rs 5.32 on the Bombay Stock Exchange on 23 April 2021. The shares of the company are at the level of Rs 119.30 on 23 March 2022. The company’s shares have given a return of close to 1880 percent in less than a year. If a person had invested Rs 1 lakh in the shares of the company on 23 April 2021 and had retained his investment, then at present this money would have been close to Rs 22.42 lakh. That is, the person who invested 1 lakh rupees would have directly benefited more than 22 lakhs.

Rs 1 lakh becomes 8 lakh in six months
The shares of Indus Trade Links have given nearly 700 per cent returns in the last 6 months. The company’s shares have risen from Rs 14.87 to Rs 119.30 on the Bombay Stock Exchange. If a person had invested Rs 1 lakh in the shares of the company 6 months ago, then in today’s date this money would have been close to Rs 8 lakh. The 52-week high of Indus Trade Links shares is Rs 166.20. At the same time, the market cap of the company is close to Rs 6132 crore.

1 lakh made in 5 years, about 45 lakhs
This is not the first time that the stock of this company has given such tremendous returns. The company’s stock stood at Rs 1.69 on February 17, 2017 and reached 119.30 on March 23, 2022. In this way, if the data of five years of this stock is analyzed, then it comes out that this stock has converted an investment of one lakh rupees into about 45 lakh rupees in five years.

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