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Multibagger Stocks: This share of Rs 2 gave a sloppy return, made Rs 1 lakh Rs 1.81 crore, what do you have


new Delhi. If you want to earn big money from stock market and are looking for multibagger stock then this news is for you only. Like in the year 2021, this year also some multibagger stocks have rocked the market. Today we are telling you about another multibagger stock. In this episode, the stock of the fertilizer company Rama Phosphates has given sloppy returns to the investors.

During the last one month, this Rama Phosphates stock has faced selling. Its share price has fallen to the level of Rs 400 to 361. In this way, this multibagger stock has fallen about 10 percent in the last 1 month.

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235 percent jump in one year
If we look at the history of this stock, then after rising from Rs 108 to Rs 361 level, the stock of this company had jumped about 235 percent last year. This stock has been able to give a return of only 8 percent to the shareholders in the last 6 months. After increasing the stock price from Rs 75.95 to Rs 362 level in the last 5 years, the shareholders have got a return of about 380 per cent.

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18,000 per cent return in 19 years
In the last 10 years, the price of this multibagger share has registered an increase of 610 percent. In the last 19 years, this stock has increased from Rs 2 to a level of Rs 362. In this way, investors have got a return of 18000 percent in 19 years.

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