Stock Market: These five steel stocks can fill the bag of investors, know the reason

Mutual funds bought shares of these companies in February, sold these 5 stocks, understand investment strategy


new Delhi . In the rising and falling market, investors are in a dilemma whether to buy or sell. There is a lot of volatility in the market due to the Russo-Ukraine war and the Fed’s interest rates. The figures for the month of February this past have arrived. During this, mutual funds have bought shares of 8 companies in the month of February. At the same time, 5 shares have been sold.

Domestic mutual funds have been net equity buyers in the month of February and have bought Rs 28,180 crore in the Indian market during this period. According to the report of IDBI Capital, domestic mutual funds had bought only Rs 16,488 crore in January. In this way, domestic mutual funds have given big support to the market in February.

Mutual funds made purchases of Rs 19,645 crore

In February 2022, domestic mutual funds bought Rs 19,645 crore in equity-oriented schemes, while in January, domestic funds bought Rs 14,552 crore in such schemes. In the month of February, the contribution of SIP has also been at a strong level, during this period Rs 11,438 crore has come in mutual funds through SIP, while in January, Rs 11,517 crore came through SIP.

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Nifty 50 and Sensex fell nearly 3 per cent

This investment by domestic mutual funds has given a big support to the market in the month of February as Nifty 50 and Sensex have lost nearly 3 per cent due to Russia-Ukraine war and consequent rise in commodity prices. In such a situation, if the market had not been supported by domestic funds, then this fall could have been bigger.

FIIs sold Rs 37,689 crore in February

In contrast, FIIs have been net sellers in the month of February. According to the data of IDBI Capital, FII selling has been seen continuously in 5 months. In February, FIIs sold Rs 37,689 crore.

Strong buying by domestic investors

Akhil Chaturvedi of Motilal Oswal AMC says that in this situation of geopolitical tension in Eastern Europe, when there has been a huge decline in the market. At the same time, the market has got big support from domestic investors. This shows a clear change in the mindset of the investors and this is a huge positive change for the market. At this time, the heavy selling of FIIs in the market seems to be being compensated by DII, which is a good sign for the market.

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Most of the mutual funds bought in Manyavar

In the month of February, a total of 8 stocks have been seen adding to mutual fund schemes, while 5 stocks have been out of their shopping list. According to IDBI Capital data, Vedanta Fashion’s ethnic wear brand Manyavar is the biggest buy among mutual funds in February. By the end of February, its shareholding value had exceeded Rs 1500 crore. Its shares have been bought through the IPO launched in February.

what to buy

Apart from Manyavar, domestic mutual funds have also seen strong buying in Forbes Enviro, Eureka Forbes, Expleo Solutions, TCPL Packaging, Lyka Labs, Shanthi Gears and Ambika Cotton in the month of February.

However, mutual fund schemes have completely excluded 5 stocks from their portfolio which include Forbes & Company, India Nippon Electricals, POWERGRID Infrastructure, Himadri Specialty Chemical, and Brillio Technologies.

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