National Pension System: Charges have increased for these services of NPS, know

National Pension System: Charges have increased for these services of NPS, know


new Delhi. National Pension System: The Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA) has increased the service charge of the Presence of Points. This increase is applicable to all citizens and corporations.

The service charges related to NPS offered at POP outlets under the National Pension System have increased with effect from February 1, 2022. PFRDA has said in its circular that this fee has been increased to promote NPS and better customer service.

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Revised charges for POPs under NPS
>> Initial Customer Registration: Rs.200 to Rs.400 (Negotiable with slab only; collected upfront)
>> Initial and Subsequent Transactions : Up to 0.50 percent of the contribution (Minimum Rs.30, Maximum Rs.25,000 (Negotiable with slab only; Non-Financial Rs.30))
>> Persistence: More than 6 months in a financial year and Minimum contribution Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,999 : Rs 50 per year
1. For Minimum Contribution of Rs.3000 to Rs.2999: Rs.50 p.a.
2. For minimum contribution of Rs.3000 to Rs.6000: Rs.75 per annum
3. For minimum contribution above Rs.6000: Rs.100 per annum
>> Subsequent contribution through ENPS: 0.20% of the contribution (minimum Rs 15, maximum Rs 10,000) (Lump sum deposited)
>> Processing Fee for Exit and Withdrawal Service: 0.125 percent of the corpus will be charged in advance with a minimum of Rs.125 and a maximum of Rs.500.

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this fee also increased
With effect from February 15, 2022, the duty on all subsequent contributions through ENPS has been increased to 0.20 per cent with a minimum fee of Rs 15 and a maximum of Rs 10,000. This service charge will not be applicable for the customers registered in eNPS. NPS is a market linked, defined contribution defined-contribution product that requires you to invest regularly in the fund of your choice.

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