Fear means Bear: The stock market fell 3 percent last week due to war, foreign investors continued to sell

New high of Indian stock market, surpasses UK with market cap of $ 3.166 trillion, know details


Mumbai . For the first time, the Indian stock market has overtaken the British stock market in terms of market cap. With the crossing of the milestone of 3 trillion, the Indian stock market became the sixth largest stock market in the world. India overtook the United Kingdom amid continued decline in global equities due to Russian attack on Ukraine.

According to data from Bloomberg, India’s market cap stood at $3.16674 trillion on Thursday, while that of the UK was $3.1102 trillion. India lost around $357.05 billion in terms of market cap (MCap) since geopolitical tensions escalated last month. At the same time, since February 1, the British markets have suffered a loss of $ 410 billion.

America is the world’s largest market
The US is the largest market in the world with a market cap of $46.01 trillion. It is followed by China at $11.31 trillion, Japan at $5.78 trillion, Hong Kong at $5.50 trillion and Saudi Arabia at $3.25 trillion.

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Saudi Arabia has directly benefited from reaching the record level of crude oil prices. Saudi is the second largest crude oil exporter in the world. Due to this, its market cap has increased by about $ 442 billion in the last one month.

Sensex reached 60 thousand
About 6 months ago, the Indian stock market had overtaken France. The contribution of the Indian market to the world’s market cap was 2.89% till 6 months ago. France’s contribution was 2.84%. Canada’s contribution was 2.65%. China’s contribution was 10.43%, while Japan’s 6.19 and Hong Kong contributed 5.39%. In January last year, the Sensex closed at 47,864 points. But only after 6 months it was closed for the first time beyond 59 thousand.

Ukraine’s President Zelensky said that he is no longer pressuring for NATO membership, so the stock market is back to green. With a close watch on the election results of five states, the Indian markets opened with a green mark on Thursday. There has been a relief in crude oil in the hope of positive talks in the meeting of foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia to be held in Turkey on Thursday.

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