New Mutual Fund Offer: This mutual fund company launched a new fund today, earning opportunity in the housing sector


new Delhi. If you are looking for investment options in mutual funds, then this can be big news for you. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, the country’s second largest asset manager, has launched a themed fund after a long time. The new fund offer of ICICI Prudential Housing Opportunities Fund opening today, March 28, is based on the housing theme.

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Chief Investment Officer S Naren will manage the fund along with Co-Fund Manager Anand Sharma. S Naren is known for his macro and business cycle calls. Nifty Housing Index will be the benchmark for this fund, which was recently launched by NSE.

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Investment in all segments of the housing sector
The fund will not only invest in stocks of real estate companies that are directly benefiting from the development of the housing market, but will also invest in companies related to this sector. This means that through this fund you can invest in all segments of the housing sector. This will not be a sectoral fund.

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diversified portfolio fund
Anand Sharma says that the fund will have a diversified portfolio. It will invest in companies that are associated with different segments of the housing sector. For example, this fund will invest in construction, financial service companies, home loan companies, consumer goods, cement, power, metal companies.

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lon time critical
Shiny Sebastian, Managing Director, Affluence Financial Services, says that the timing of the launch of a theme-based fund is crucial. Looks like ICICI Mutual Fund is coming up with a housing fund. That too when the time is favorable for investing in it. At the same time, Kavita Menon, founder of Probitus Wealth, says that timing is important. Investing at the wrong time can give a big setback to the investors.

Keep reviewing the portfolio
Rupali Prabhu, Chief Investment Officer, Sanctum Wealth says that themed funds do not stay in the market for long. Its duration lasts for three to four years. In such a situation, investors should keep reviewing their portfolio from time to time.

HDFC Housing has given 4.5% return
HDFC Housing Opportunities Fund is the only other housing theme fund in the mutual fund industry. Data from Value Research shows that the fund has given returns of just 4.5 per cent since its launch in December 2017.

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