Nita Ambani launched 'Her Circle' app in Hindi for women, know how women will benefit from this?

Nita Ambani launched ‘Her Circle’ app in English for women, know how women will benefit from this?


Mumbai . On International Women’s Day, Reliance Foundation chairperson Nita Ambani launched the English app of ‘Her Cicle’. ‘Har-Circle’ is a special platform for women, which works for women empowerment. Launched a year ago, this platform has already reached out to more than 42 million people in the first year itself. It is the fastest growing digital platform among women in India.

At the launch of ‘Har-Circle’ English app, Nita Ambani said, ‘Har-Circle’ is an emerging platform for women of any region and language. I want our reach and support to continue to grow without a hitch. To reach more and more women in their language, we are first launching Har Circle in English. I hope it gets as much love as the English platform has got till now.

‘Har-Circle’ network supported by 30,000 registered entrepreneurs
The statement said that ‘Har-Circle’ has created precise career and employment opportunities for thousands of women using the digital network. It has great information about careers like Professional Makeup Artist, Food Stylist, Fitness Trainer, Dog Trainer, Radio Jockey. The ‘Har-Circle’ network is also supported by 30,000 registered entrepreneurs.

thousands of women benefitted
‘Har-Circle’ is designed to be a one-stop destination for providing content related to women. Networked women can seek mental health, physical fitness, skin care, gynecological counseling at Sir HN Reliance Hospital’s network of medical and specialists. Thousands of women have benefited from this service. Personalized trackers for fitness and nutrition, fertility, pregnancy as well as financial needs have been used free of cost by over 1.50 lakh people.

Helpful in finding new professional skills
Although content ranging from videos to articles is open to all, the social networking portion of the platform is exclusively for women. So that they can ask questions to peers or experts without any hesitation. There is also a confidential chat room for women in ‘Har-Circle’. Where she can answer very personal questions.

Reliance’s Health, Wellness, Education, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Leadership experts provide answers on this platform. The upskilling and jobs section helps women find new professional skills. Many digital courses can also be taught on the platform.

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