Nitin Gadkari told the government’s planning on bio-fuel, many problems will be overcome


new Delhi. Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has urged sugar producers to reduce sugar production and convert sugar into ethanol. He has said that keeping pace with the changing times and according to the needs of the nation, work should be done.

Nitin Gadkari said that the government has decided to open biofuel outlets for citizens to fill ethanol and cars, motorcycles and rickshaws can be available on sub-flex engines. The minister further said that the government is exploring the possibility of converting telecom towers from diesel to ethanol. Apart from this, the government is considering ways to increase the use of ethanol in the aviation sector and the Indian Air Force.

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Flex cars to arrive within 6 months
“I am in discussion with the Chief of Air Staff and officials of the Defense Ministry; We are thinking how to increase the use of ethanol in aviation and the Indian Air Force… We have issued an advisory on flex engines; Toyota, Hyundai and Suzuki have assured me that they will bring the flex engine within six months. Recently, we have launched a pilot car powered by Green Hydrogen. The chairman of Toyota told me that their cars are flex – either 100% petrol or 100% ethanol and the Toyota cars of the coming days will run on hybrid electricity, generating 40% of their own electricity and using 100% ethanol. Will be able to cover 60% distance. This economics will be highly beneficial as compared to petrol.

Ethanol pumps will have many benefits
Gadkari said, “The Prime Minister has inaugurated three ethanol pumps in Pune, however, so far no one has come to fill the ethanol. While Bajaj, TVS and Hero have launched flex engine powered bikes, scooters and motorcycles are available on flex engine. Now they are ready to come with auto-rickshaws as well.”

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He has asked ethanol-making sugar factories to open ethanol pumps in their factories and other areas so that scooters, auto-rickshaws and cars can be brought in 100% ethanol. In this way, ethanol consumption can be increased, pollution can be reduced, imports can be reduced and employment can also be provided.

How much ethanol would be needed?
The Union Minister said, “Ethanol is a clean fuel. We are currently producing 465 crore liters of ethanol. However, when the E-20 program is completed, our requirement will be around 1,500 crore liters. Moreover, in the coming five years, when the flex engines are ready, the ethanol requirement will go up to 4,000 crore liters.”

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He said, “How to use ethanol in the aviation industry is also being explored. Fighter jets that participated in the Republic Day parade 2 years ago used 100% bio-ethanol. I am talking to the Air Force about this.”

The minister said, “The industry should also think about green hydrogen… the day is not far when green hydrogen will be available. Methane can be produced from organic waste segregated from municipal waste. Once carbon dioxide is separated from it, Green Hydrogen, Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG can also be produced.”

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