Not disappointed after failing in 8th!  stubbornness made the owner of a company worth crores

Not disappointed after failing in 8th! stubbornness made the owner of a company worth crores


If you do not get good marks or fail while studying in school, then there is no need to worry at all. Because the desire to do something cannot stop you from achieving success. Trishnit Arora did something similar. Due to his keen interest in computers, he also failed in the exam during his studies. On this the family members expressed their displeasure. But his insistence was to do something different. This made him the owner of a company worth crores at the age of just 22.

Trishnit Arora TAC Security He is the CEO of a company named. This story of Trishnit from failing in 8th to setting up a company of his own is quite interesting. Trishnit Arora has narrated her story on the social media page Humans of Bombay. (Also read – Didn’t even study college, today he is the owner of a company worth 35 thousand crores)

He wrote that he wanted to play video games on the computer. Used to play all day long. Trishnit told that he was always fond of computers. He did not understand history and geography, but he understood computers very well. When the first computer came to his house, he started playing games on it day and night.

The parents were not happy with their doing so, so they put a password on the computer. But Trishnit also cracked the password. After this his father did not scold him, but brought another computer and gave it to him. Now all the time of Trishnit was spent on the computer itself. (Also read- Your money is not lying with LIC! Know how to sit at home)

What did you do after failing?He has further written that after failing, the parents failed in the 8th class due to being engaged on the computer all day. When the parents came to know about this, they did not scold Trishnit, but asked very comfortably what they wanted to do.

, Trishnit then told his parents the secret of the heart. He said that he wants to study computers. He took the decision to leave the school in which the parents gave full cooperation. Trishnit became an expert in computers at the age of 19. He also started working and he got his first pay check of 60 thousand rupees.

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What does Trishnit Arora do?

, Trishnit, the owner of big companies, calls himself an ethical hacker.

, After this, all the work that Trishnit did, he spent all the money in setting up his company.

, He founded a company called Tech Security, which has big customers today.

, Trishnit is the IT Advisor of Punjab State and Crime Branch.

, Trishnit has also written many books on hacking, ‘Hacking Talk with Trishnit Arora’, ‘The Hacking Era’.

, They have 4 offices in India and one in Dubai.

, Trishnit has also received many awards for his achievement.

, His pictures keep on coming with big personalities.

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